Two Months Out!

Why have we not written a blog in a long time?, you ask!  I have no idea!  We fail perhaps?  Or maybe we were waiting for something really exciting to share!

Well, I suppose its a combo of both!

Here are some quick updates and pics since our last blog!

We went on an awesome vacation once - a long time ago.  We should have blogged about it...It was awesome!!  Amazing family and friends!

We went on an awesome vacation once – a long time ago. We should have blogged about it…It was awesome!! Amazing family and friends!


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Brandon and I have been busting it on this Festival!  It is incredible the potential it has to reach thousands of lives with the GOSPEL!  How exciting!  Pray for this!

If you are interested in bringing a group/church/family down then check out the info here!  We would love to have as many people as we can down there preaching Jesus Christ! We also need lots of state-side help, so please check out the website!

Festival date is February 24 – March 2nd!  Check out this video from Brandon!


And drum role please!!!!!

Can you guess what this is!???

IMG_7461WE BOUGHT TICKETS!  YAY!  It is a HUGE step for us and makes this the real deal for sure!

Now this comes as a pretty cool story worth sharing!  Really, since having said, “Yes” to the call to go to St. Kitts, things have been pretty crazy!  It has been hard in many ways!  (My wife expounded way better and in greater detail here.)

At this years pastors conference up near Hartford City, we had a chance to really hear God speak to our hearts.  We had never before had the time to stay for the whole conference, but knowing this might be our last in a long time we decided to go for it and stay for the three days.  IT WAS AWESOME.  God said this: “Trust ME!”  Pretty simple, yet SO STINKING HARD!  The very last day, a former janitor turned really-amazing-awesome-pastor-teacher named Rich Chaffin taught over 2 Kings 3.  Super random passage of Scripture about three doofus kings not obeying God.  The short of it was that these three guys decided to go to war against Moab for because they stopped handing over the wool.  The route they chose to go was through the desert, and after 7 days they were out of water and going to die.  In fact, they cried out and realized it was Gods judgement on them.  They suddenly got the brilliant idea to see if God might be around!  Elisha pops into the scene, asks for a musician, and then says this, “Thus says the LORD: ‘Make this valley full of ditches.”  WHAT!?  Yeah, God said go dig a bunch of holes.  Keep in mind they are nearly dead, have no shovels…and oh, the Moabites are coming.  DIG DITCHES!!!???

Well, God goes on to say, “For thus says the LORD: ‘You shall not see wind, nor shall you see rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water, so that you, your cattle, and your animals may drink.”  BOOM.  As Rich was teaching, the Holy Spirit was driving this deep into my wife and I’s hearts.  We don’t know how we are going to make it to this little bitty island…but God has called us – so we are.  It is as simple as that.  God’s provision WILL come, He WILL get us there.  And it will all be to HIS glory and it will be magnificent!  Our “ditches” were this; buy plane tickets (ONE WAY), and get our passports.  He was calling us to make all the necessary steps that we could take and then wait for HIM to work!  AAHHHH!!!!  This is nuts!

Sooo…. we did it- we bought our tickets!!!  And we praise the Lord for it!  We are in the hands of THE ALMIGHTY GOD!  What do we have to fear!?  Not a thing.  We are called to simply rest in Jesus and step where HE tells us.  The fruit of walking in faith has been this – a deeper relationship with Jesus!  He rigged it!  It’s all so that we would know HIM more,  and how sweet it has been.  It has been challenging for me as a man to provide answers and direction for my family, but I can only give them the word of our KING Jesus, and that has certainly been enough.

Thats not even the half of it but I would have stopped reading a LONG time ago so congrats for getting this far!  You are so committed! :)

In other news –

My last official day at Horizon will be January 1st.  :(  :(  This is sad!  I suppose there has to be an end, but now having a date where I will no longer be a part of Horizon like I have been these past 8 years stinks.  I love this church!  From my pastor/mentor/boss/friend Bill all the way to vacuuming the carpet every Sunday morning so I look busy – it will be REALLY hard to say goodbye to being the youth pastor at Horizon Christian Fellowship!  I LOVE IT!  So pray for that.

We need our house to sell!  So pray for that as well! :) (We have recently had a TON of showings… 7 last week alone! And we received feedback today that our house is currently someone’s favorite of all that they’ve seen! Please pray for a buyer!!!)

And my wife really wants to have this baby!  Pray HIM/her out!

We will be posting a ‘pray for us’ blog sometime soon that will contain our exit strategy and how we plan to move to the island and all those fun details. I would write it now but God just has us digging ditches!! HA!!!  He is awesome!  But there is a lot of craziness in store these next 66 days.  We’ll keep you posted on ways you can be involved and help pack or come get a bunch of free stuff from my garage!  :)

If you are reading this blog, we love you!  Thanks for keeping in touch!  Pray for us!