Spring 2015 update!


Hello! We have a couple of months to cover and a lot that’s gone on, so this will be a picture-heavy post!! :)

First of all, we had an absolutely amazing, refreshing, encouraging, FULL time in the States. It was so sweet and so wonderful. Lots of family time, a weekend get away just Jordan and me, time with so many church bodies that we dearly love, time with our old youth kids. We finished our time with a few days down in Miami with some very dear friends who’ve invested, trained, and mentored us, the Coopers, and it was the perfect way to end our furlough. We were so well loved on and cared for and finished our time ready to hit the ground running back in St. Kitts.





(This airport experience was as chaotic and awful as this picture looks. Bad enough that I’d route a different way just to bypass Miami airport- that bad! But- at the end of the day, we made it safe and sound and I’m grateful for that!)


Back on the island.



We got back on island a day or two later, our pastor (Bill Goodrich) from our home church, Horizon Christian Fellowship, and his wife, along with our dear friends Jared and Lora Stayton came down for a week. It was SO WONDERFUL to have them here. As previously mentioned, we moved into the new church building here on island, and with Bill here, we had a sweet dedication ceremony for the church. Jared and Lora run Brickhouse Coffee Roasters, and had lots of meeting and are doing lots of praying about the potential to one day grow coffee on this little island. We loved having them down and it was a sweet way to kick off our return.

After that, we jumped right back into ‘normal’ things— the kids in school, having lots of people over for dinner, Bible studies, Jordan meeting with lots of different people. One difference to our schedule this time around is that three out of four kiddos are in school now. Nora started preschool when we returned, and she absolutely LOVES it. Like, wakes up every day asking when it’s time to go to school. :) It’s been really perfect, and we are so thankful!!


noraschool blgo


If you’ve followed along on facebook or instagram at all, you’ve seen a lot of this information, but there was MUCH apprehension on Corban and Cate’s part in returning to school. Corban went without a hitch initially, and Cate really really disliked it most of the time (when they started in October). We got back and they just dove right back in. Corban had a rougher time the first two weeks as he readjusted and settled into routine, but now, they both look forward to going and are so bummed if we pick them up as soon as school is out because they want to hang out with their friends. We are just praising God for pointing us to this school last fall and are so pleased with it!!






We were able to meet with some friends of ours who are recently engaged!! It was a wonderful evening of good food and fellowship as we chatted about marriage and Jesus!


On March 14th, Jordan and Brandon had an opportunity to go and teach at a local youth workers conference. Jordan was able to share with the workers on how to equip their young people to evangelize and disciple their peers. It was a great opportunity to connect with the local church and we are grateful for the chance to serve in this way!


Let’s see… what else happened that day?! Oh yeah– Jordan turned 30!!!!!!! So we had a party to celebrate. :) It was a wonderful evening with awesome friends! We grilled burgers, ate a lot of good food, Jordan had sugar cream pie (his favorite) and we played games.IMG_3813.JPG

The next morning, Jordan was given the opportunity to teach the Sunday service at another local church, Grace Gospel Hall. He shared with this sweet church body on how the Lord uses everyday people to do extraordinary things, on how one person’s obedience can be so far reaching. It was awesome to visit a local church and get to worship and fellowship with them!


Another new and exciting happening is the Good News Club we’re helping lead at Beach Allen Primary school. We had 38 third graders show up our first week! This is a weekly meeting where they’re encouraged to read and memorize Scripture, the gospel is proclaimed, and it’s a chance for us to get to know and love on a precious group of kids. Please be praying for this ministry as it continues to be established and restarts after Easter Break (which is almost three weeks long here), that these kids would come to know and understand that Jesus loves them and that they’d desire to walk in a relationship with Him!






A major highlight and answer to prayer, and just so much a part of the vision God has given is this, shown in the photograph below. Jordan’s been meeting with groups of guys to disciple and train them to then invest and pour out and disciple others. They have been going over ways they can use studying the Bible, prayer walks, and their passions and talents to reach out the their respective communities. Pray for fruitful obedience to the call Jesus has put on our lives! And pray that through this time we would all grow in our love for the Lord, and that the local churches would gain our King Jesus’ heart for the lost and broken.



The Carifta Games

Jordan and Brandon had another neat opportunity randomly come up. They were given the chance to serve as chaplains for the Caribbean regional track and field event called the “Carifta Games”. Carifta stands for Caribbean Free Trade Association. You can read more on that here. A long story made short- one day before the games began, they were invited to be a part of a chaplain team that would serve during the event’s stay here on the island (April 4-6). A relaxing Easter break turned into the business of an impressive track and field event. They got to work with a guy named Gerrard, who has been overseeing this ministry for years now and who is the one who runs the chaplain program at all the Carifta events. They got passes into the various hotels the athletes were staying at as well as access to the teams while they were at the track. The purpose was to be available for prayer or counseling should any need arise and to simply serve in any capacity. In addition to that, they were able to share a devotion for the St. Kitts national team (Brandon) and the Dominican national team (Jordan). A tremendous privilege! It is mind blowing and so awesome to watch the Lord open doors and give favor. Who would’ve dreamed that Jordan would one day connect and share with a national track team from an island that two years ago we’d never even heard of?!







Friends and Easter

Also last week, we had some friends make a stop in St. Kitts during their cruise, James and Linda Sanders. They attend Horizon Christian Fellowship (our home church) and we had their son, James, in youth group for years– he and Jordan have spent lots of time together! We ate some local food, showed them the new church building and visited our house! It was a wonderful time to see them here on the island! Thanks for coming!


We also had a lovely visit from Chris and April Cox! They were able to come down here and spend a week with us and get to know the island and see a little bit of what we do down here. Chris and Jordan went to the same elementary school, middle school, high school and Bible college! It was an amazing time to catch up on the last two years of life and enjoy some sweet friendship. (Chris and April moved down to Georgia in 2013). They also spent some time on Nevis and had a blast over there. We so enjoyed our time with them! Love you guys!!!


We had a Good Friday worship service on the beach! Definitely a perk of island living… an outdoor service like none we’ve ever had! :) It was awesome to see how many people set apart their Friday night to remember and consider and reflect on the work of Jesus on the cross and what that means for us as believers, and to worship and fellowship and share communion together as a church body.



Easter Sunday service was also a really special time for the church to all be together, and afterwards, a group of students and our very dear friend Miss Laurie organized and put on an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. I really am so thankful for our church family here on the island!!IMG_3939-0.JPG

There were several other things not highlighted here- a clothing drive, a chili cook-off fundraiser for the vet students who are doing mission trips during their break, a luncheon to send off the last semester students who are graduating, field trips for the kids, bus rides galore, flag football games, dinners with friends, getting to know new neighbors… There is so much going on here on the island, so many ministry opportunities, so many people to get to know and love on. Our first year here was a rough one; infinitely harder than we ever would have dreamed it to be, but we are amazed at the difference upon returning. Everyone said that it would take a year to settle in, and they were right. The Lord sustained us through one of the most difficult periods we’ve had as a family, and we learned so much and a lot of refining and growth took place. As hard as it was, it was also so valuable. With that said, though, we were ready to close the door on 2014 and were SO ready and excited to begin a new year on the island, and truly – it’s off to a great start.

We have much to look forward to in the coming months– Mission teams begin this month, all of Jordan’s family comes down in June, we have interns coming for the summer, lots of work projects and some outreaches, and oh yeah… we’re HAVING A BABY in October!!!!!


The kiddos were so excited to learn of their new sibling and we are praising God for a healthy growing baby. My due date is October 9th, which is pretty special… my little brother who passed away five years ago was born on October 9th. Both girls were born on their due dates, and I’m hoping for a third little one who arrives right at 40 weeks! :) Anyway, with the upcoming birth of a baby (and a return to the States for its birth) comes lots of logistics to figure out, and we would SO APPRECIATE PRAYER. (like for real. lots of it!).

We say it every post and to each other so frequently, but we are so thankful, humbled, blown away by the way we are loved on and supported by you all. Your prayers, encouragement, communication, financial support, etc. have allowed us to be here. We could not do it without you. Thank you seems so inadequate, but seriously- thank you. We are surrounded by such an incredible community both near and far and we praise God for that!

Much love,

the McGaughey family



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