“Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman stays awake in vain.”  Psalm 127:1

For a list of things to pray through, click here.

What is Prayer Support?

This is a labor of love!  It is our response to the “in every way vital” need for prayer.  As the verse states above, we must have the LORD doing His work.  We are looking for 60 groups of God-fearing, Christ-following people who would commit to praying once a month, as a group, for our family and the service God has us doing in St.Kitts.

What is a group?

Groups can be home fellowships, accountability groups, bible study groups, church services, youth groups, Christian clubs, parachurch ministries, worship teams, and pretty much any other group that meets on at least a monthly basis.

What kind of a commitment is it?

We are asking that you would commit to at least once a month, praying very intentionally for our family and the work that God is doing on the island.  Here is where you will find most of the prayers we need.  We would also like to offer each group, should they want it, a video devotion of sorts concerning particular aspects of the island ministry and life of an island missionary.  We are not asking that you pray for EVERYTHING on the list (although that is fine by us) but that real, genuine, committed time is given once a month as a group, in prayer.

What would we pray for?

Right here is where you will find a long list of the things that we need prayer for.  It is a general but very real representation of things that we are looking to God for.  On our home page, directly under the navigation bar there is a section that says, “Prayer Ticker“, this will represent out most up-to-date needs, concerns, ministry details, etc.

How do I sign a group up?

YES!  We love you!  Our preferred way would be to talk to us personally. (We are leaving the states in January, so there is time)  If that is not possible then you can email us, call us (765-366-8591) or fill out a form here.  Thank you!!!

If you know of any other groups that would be interested in praying for us, introduce them to this!