Practical Ministry

Vision St. Kitts

Below are some specific, practical ways that we can do ministry on the island.


  • Street Studies
    • This is as basic and simple as it comes. Hit the streets – study the Bible. Praying and being led by the Spirit to the people that God is working on and then investing through simple, repeatable Bible studies that are not only aimed at leading people to Jesus but also teaching believers how to engage the people in Gospel centered – Christ exalting Bible studies.
  • Upward Sports style soccer
    • We would love to see a family centered soccer program. We have been very impressed with the Upward Sports ministry and how they reach out to the whole family. Being able to use soccer to reach out to families and teach them God’s perfect design and reason for a strong Christ-following family can be huge!
  • Children’s Home
    • This is St. Kitts equivalent of an orphanage. It provides a tremendous opportunity to serve and bless young children who have been robbed of the stability of a healthy home life. Taking the kids treats, having fun things planned for them to do after school, simply hang out with them, hold Bible studies, etc.


  • Food Bank
    • To work with the Graysons in seeing some organized food bank established on the island. We would like to make it something similar to “buying a cow” for a family in Africa. Someone could buy a bag of rice for a family for a week, etc. This would be a huge blessing to the Kitittians that are involved in the church and need assistance like this, as well as to the whole island.
  • Adventure Backpacking
    • YES! Taking a bunch of Kitittian youth into the crater of a volcano!!!! What better way to share Jesus and be men together! I would love to incorporate this passion of mine with island ministry. To get these kids away from the normal drabness of their life and into the wilderness with Jesus! Its a life changing…fun, way to reach out!


  • Bible College/School of Ministry (style classes)
    • Working with Graysons to make available to the Kittitians advanced Bible study for the sake of sending! Giving those who wish a way to go deeper, grow stronger and become equipped for the work of ministry!!!!
  • Biblical Counseling
    • This would be being available to come alongside people and offer sound Jesus centered counseling whenever the need arises. This would also entail training others to minister in a the same fashion!
  • Summer Discipleship/Internship
    • This would be for high school or college age people who would like to come down to the island to serve and enjoy some mission training! The heart and end of this would be to foster a vision for St. Kitts and West Indies outreach and church planting! And all the extra help would be amazing!!!
  • Men’s Ministry
    • To engage men who have committed to Christ in fulfilling their God given responsibilities to Jesus, their wives, kids, and island. This would be an intentional effort aimed at men to build them up in the areas mentioned above.
  • Do Life Together
    • This is mostly a super spiritual way to say fellowship. The importance of “doing life together” cannot be understated. Allowing our home to be a safe God glorifying place for people to come and be challenged, refreshed, encouraged, etc. Letting our family be a witness of the goodness and grace of God!!!


The vision that God has given centers around the Great Commission that Jesus gave in Matthew 28:19-20. Our aim and conviction is to essentially work ourselves out of our own jobs. We want to be used to raise up passionate Christ followers who will be willing to leave all to reach their very own family, community, nation, and the world.

Each one of these particular ministries contains within it the end of having Kitittians or others take over and run with it.

Like Jesus said in John 20:21, “…As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” We want to follow in His footsteps!

Only by HIS grace!!