a story and prayer request

I'll start this by saying that I tried to make a pot of coffee this morning and forgot to put the pot on the maker, resulting in a puddle of that precious, beloved (and oh-so-costly here on this little island) drink covering my kitchen floor. Insert … [Read more]

Update pt. 1!

It's been a pretty crazy month over this way! First, two things-- we are doing this update in two parts to catch up on May and June. This update will be largely a family/personal update. Secondly, we will also be doing a 'half a year' update in the … [Read more]

April update

Hello from St. Kitts! :) We last posted right before Jordan's parents arrived. We had the most wonderful visit with them... It was so so fun to stand at the airport and wait with the kids, to watch their excitement as Grandma and Papaw walked out … [Read more]

March update!

I cannot believe it's been a month since our last post! Please forgive us! We'll get the hang of keeping this updated one day soon! :) We'll back up to the festival of life and bring you up to speed. The Festival: It was incredible. Really … [Read more]


 Hello! We are in the midst of the CRAZIEST two weeks, but it has been so so so sweet. Our crate arrived last week, and we had a handful of CCF (the church) here helping us unpack and build beds and shelves and unpack our kitchen and rummage through … [Read more]

We made it!!

We mentioned this moment before. After months of hard and impossible, we knew there would be a day when we arrived in St. Kitts, sat on our porch, breathed in the ocean air, and looked back on the miracle that the Lord worked--- getting us to the … [Read more]

19 days!

Well, here we are... less than three weeks away from getting on an airplane. It's been an exciting and crazy time over this way.  First of all: Our baby boy, Asher Solomon arrived quickly (although a few days later than anticipated) on November … [Read more]

Two Months Out!

Why have we not written a blog in a long time?, you ask!  I have no idea!  We fail perhaps?  Or maybe we were waiting for something really exciting to share! Well, I suppose its a combo of both! Here are some quick updates and pics since our last … [Read more]

Frequently Asked Questions- part 1

Since beginning to walk in this move to St. Kitts, we have noticed the same questions being asked, and thought it would be good to address some of the more common ones here in a blog post! So here we go... :) Q. Some of the most commonly asked … [Read more]

Milk and Emails!

So some fun updates!  St. Kitts Mission Trip! Hey if you didn't know, my lovely wife posted a blog on our family blog with some of the work that God has been doing since the missions trip.  I would like to encourage you to check it … [Read more]