May Update

Hello! Is anyone else blown away that we’re into the middle of May?! This year is absolutely flying by!!

It’s been a really busy month for us here on island! We just wrapped up helping host the first mission team of the year- the Bible College from our home church in Indianapolis came down. They were here for the last two and a half weeks, and it was a really great group. They did numerous work projects throughout the island— they painted the inside of our new church building (and it looks SO GOOD!), helped organize and prepare for our next clothing drive, built bunk beds and provided mattresses for a local family we’ve been working with, a single mom with 9 children at home. They also did some work at our kid’s school, Maurice Hillier, painting the bathrooms, painting Bible verses on the walls of the school grounds, and what the kids were most excited about– they painted hopscotch and foursquare and handball courts! They don’t have playgrounds or anything like that at school, so the kids were really excited to have some new games to play during lunch break! The group also led Good News clubs at two different locations, and put on a giant slip and slide at one of them. (Click the photos to enlarge and scroll through them.)


They got to go into the prison and host a service, and also spent a few days passing out fliers and inviting people to an event they helped put on– a mini (way smaller scale than last year!) Festival of Life, held on the property of our church as a way to reach out to the community we are now located in. There were bounce houses and face painting, matchbox car races, games, free food and cotton candy, and live music. There were a lot of kids who came and our own kids had a really awesome time.
It was a busy and full and really great time with them in! There were a handful of them who we had in youth group and who our kids have grown up with, so it was wonderful for them to have time together. And also, they made a few fast new friends, too… Very familiar territory for them, though, to have a group of young adults to run around and have fun with. They were loved on so well by this group, and I am so thankful for that! We, Jordan and I, were also spoiled— they spent an afternoon at our house deep cleaning and doing anything we asked of them and then sent us off on a date night! When you’ve got four kids and no family around, a date night is a serious treat!!! We are so grateful! You can check out CCBCi’s blog to read more about all they did! (Click on them to view them larger and scroll through!)

A few other updates! Jordan had an AMAZING opportunity this week. He’s been meeting with some local guys and going through some training on reaching out and sharing the gospel and then equipping believers to train and disciple others. One of the men has been really excited about this and told a local pastor about it… who then in turn invited Jordan to share with the congregation!!! There were about twenty people who showed up and got to hear the vision and introduction to the training and who were quickly trained on different ways to share the gospel and then challenged to go out and do it this week. They’ve scheduled four more training sessions, and this church body was excited and eager to get out and be used! Please be praying for this time, that it would be simply about people loving Jesus and wanting to see the lost won, that they’d be moved to obedience because of the love Jesus has for us and their love for Him as a response, that the Lord would use this and use them to continue to reach this island.


There’ve also been continued opportunities at the kid’s school. The Bible college not only did the work projects there, but also got to lead a morning assembly. They lead worship, did some fun songs, shared a devotion and did a quick gospel presentation. Then this week, Jordan was invited back to do another puppet show for Corban’s class (and was VERY THANKFUL to have Brandon’s help this time… last time, he did multiple puppets solo! HA!) . We are thankful for the school and are thrilled to serve and help in any way that we can. Please pray for continued favor and for more opportunities to get in and reach out there!

Also– When we purchased our tickets to return to St. Kitts in January, we bought return tickets to Indiana to come for a quick trip at the end of May (next Tuesday!!) for a few things, one of them being a very important event… our dear friends, Chase and Eli, are getting married- and Jordan is officiating the wedding, and I am photographing it! We have had Chase in the youth group since he was about 4 ft tall and 11 years old and he and Jordan have spent countless hours together. We met Eli early in her high school years and she very quickly earned a permanent spot in my heart. She’s a part of the family… has spent so many hours with us, loving on our babies, helping me fold laundry or cook dinner, was a HUGE help in us packing and moving here to the island. We love these two so much and it has been a joy and a privilege to walk with them through the years and we are so excited to get to be a part of their wedding day.

Timing worked out in such a way that I will be in my 20th week of pregnancy upon our return, and will be able to do the full anatomy scan on our fifth baby at my normal maternal-fetal medicine doctor, and I am so relieved and so thankful for that! While there’s basic healthcare available here, technology has not quite caught up to America. Though we have (thankfully) never had any major issues, I am considered high risk because of my heart condition, and am really thankful for the thorough care that I receive through my pregnancies. (We also have a couple of other important doctor appointments while we are back. I’m thankful that we are able to take care of those!!!)

Along that same line, we wanted to update you and ask for continued prayer for the details surrounding our return to the US for the baby to be born. After much prayer and seeking counsel, we have decided to return a little early and stay a little longer so that our kids can attend school at their old school, Horizon Christian School, for the semester. With the timing of the baby’s due date and the way the school schedule falls on island, there was no way around them missing almost the entire semester at Maurice Hillier (where they currently attend). Homeschooling, at this point, is not an feasible option, and neither is them just sitting out a semester, and our family just functions better with a schedule of sorts. While it’s not necessarily ideal to leave for five months, it is definitely the best and most peaceable decision for our family as a whole. With a trip that long, however, come many details to work out— what will we do with our house here, where will we live there, etc. While we’ve got answers in the works for these, nothing has yet been finalized and we would so so so appreciate prayer as we iron out these details. Pray for wisdom and direction from the Lord, for doors to open, for Him to continue to provide, and for peace while we wait and in the midst of the unknowns.

Specifically- could you please pray for a place for us to stay while we are in America? And also, let us know if you know of anything available or pass word along to those who may know of something? We will be returning August 15th and will stay through the end of the year. Our church has a mission house, but it will be occupied for part of the time we are back, and also just has two bedrooms available. (not necessarily impossible… but really difficult with soon to be seven of us to house and Asher’s sleeping habits and a newborn together in the same room. Yikes!). We need to be on the northeast side of Indy, as the kids will be attending school there and Jordan will be serving at the church. So– please pray!!

We are so thankful for your continued prayers and support— and we look forward to seeing many of you in the upcoming weeks!!! God has used so many of you to further this mission down here and we ask you to rejoice with us and praise God for all that He is doing!

Much love,

The McGaughey family