June update

I think I say it every month… but I absolutely cannot believe that we are at the beginning of July! Already! Time is absolutely flying over this way! Lots to update you on, so here we go!

First, after our last update, we left the following week for a very quick trip to Indiana. While a total whirlwind, we had a really incredible time — so much good quality time with our families and some friends! My (Kristen) grandparents came up from Mississippi, so we were able to spend some good time with them. Both my older brother, Brandon, and Jordan’s younger brother, Isaac, and their wives had bought new houses since we were last in the States, so we were able to see those. My mom had some time off of work while we were there, so we got to do some fun things with her. Jordan ran a road race with his brother. We ate some good food. Went to some cookouts. Played cornhole. Got to go to our home church and be there for outdoor service and all of the fun activities afterwards. Went to the park with friends. It was JAM PACKED and feels like it didn’t even happen, but was so wonderful.

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As previously mentioned, one of the major reasons for this trip was for Jordan to officiate and for me to photograph the wedding of Chase and Eli. It was SUCH an incredible day. Jordan did an amazing job with the ceremony, the weather was absolutely perfect (after a rainy morning!), and the whole day was just so sweet. We are so excited for them and praise God for the work He’s doing in and through them!!


We left their wedding at about 11:30p.m., got to my brother and sister in law’s house at about 12, packed until 1, and left for the airport at 4 a.m. We were TIRED! Our flights went seamlessly— our best flying experiences yet!– and we landed in St. Kitts at 2 p.m. We got home, Jordan helped get the mission team that had just arrived settled in, we got groceries, and then at 8:30p.m. that same night, ALL of Jordan’s family- his parents, his brothers, and their wives- arrived on the island!!! We had the best week with them all here. Somehow, we crammed all twelve of us into our house (and sometimes even into our van), and did lots of the fun things the island has to offer. We hit several beaches, checked out some tourist spots, the boys all climbed the volcano, they visited the kids’ school. It really was such an incredible time… Time all together is especially treasured now, and we got a lot of back to back quality time with our families, between our trip there and their trip here. Being away and apart from our families has undoubtedly been the hardest thing about moving here, and there is such a richness and sweetness to the time we do get now!




As family left, we had a summer “intern” of sorts arrive: Joel!! He’s been mentioned on the blog before- last spring break when he came down for his senior trip. He was best friends with my little brother, JD, and has remained a close friend and part of the family since JD’s passing. He has a scholarship that requires he do a 5-7 week volunteer internship, and Joel chose to come down and be with us for that period of time. It has been so sweet, and we are so thankful for him! He’s been exceptionally helpful for Jordan, as the Grayson’s are in the States for their yearly furlough and Jordan has some extra duties with the church. The kids love having him around, and Asher is especially fond of “Yoel Yoel”. :)



Phew. That was a lot.

Now onto what we’ve been doing around here! Jordan has continued his weekly discipleship training with The Living Word Christian Center and just had his fourth and final session with them. The church set apart each Thursday for the last 5 weeks to have additional training and equipping on how to reach their respective communities. The main thrust of the training is to very intentionally engage the lost with the good news of Jesus. To specifically write down and pray for people who are far from God. Each week they were challenged to share with at least one person and to begin training a believer they already know. In the end we hope to get into houses of peace (homes that are open and interested in hearing about Jesus) and see households come to know Jesus and in turn begin to actively seek others whom they know that are far from God.


The time spent with the church was a tremendous blessing and encouragement for us. A vision is being set forth among the pastors to reach every house with the gospel (and an opportunity to personally study the Bible to find out more about Jesus) in two years. PLEASE be praying on behalf of the pastors and other laity here on the island. That the vision to see God glorified through the salvation and discipling of people would come to pass. There is so much work to be done between now and August (more on that below) so pray, pray, pray!

Last week, Jordan and Joel helped Mavis, the local director of Child Evangelism Fellowship, and a couple of ladies down for a mission trip put on multiple Good News Clubs on the island. We were able to meet with around 75 kids each day and share a Bible story with them as well as share the Gospel. Lots of games and fun times were had as well with these awesome kids! Joel was even able to introduce them to a fun American Football style game. It was great to have Joel around as he did so well serving and loving the kids. And a big thanks to Wakon and Hayley Roberson who were also able to help us!

Also, with the Grayson’s gone, Jordan has been given the opportunity to teach church on Sunday mornings. He’s been going through a series of teachings concerning the foundations of our Christian faith. From the nature of God and the Trinity to the victory we can walk in each day because of the work of Jesus; it’s been a variety of essential teachings to understand what we believe and why. He also has helped lead worship!

Additionally, Jordan has continued meeting with some guys to chat with and help encourage their walk and service to Jesus. It is a really great group of young men who have a heart for the lost. Please be praying for them as God moves in their heart!


We have continued to hang out with the young men and women in the juvenile detention center. Having a short devo and then either playing soccer, croquet, corn hole (which they really enjoy) and whatever else we can convince them to try! Its been a year and a half since Brandon and Jordan first started going on a weekly basis and it has been neat to see relationships grow. Several of them will be release here within the next few months so please pray for them as they reenter civilian life and also pray that God would give vision to continue to minister to them once they get out.

We had a great time celebrating the independence of the United States this year! Lots of people from the church gathered to eat some good food (like real beef hamburgers!!!!) and fellowship over cornhole and card games! It was really nice to have a full house and to get together in a setting like that!

We had the chance to help serve at the Child Evangelism Fun Day! We organized and ran the games, and our own kiddos ran around and bounced in the bounce houses and got their faces painted and just enjoyed the day themselves!

Also! We had some friends come down from Crawfordsville who were on a cruise, Dave and Karin Hunt, who were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary! It was a lot of fun to drive around and show them a little bit of life here on the island. If was a rainy day but it afforded us a chance to sit and chat. It was so fun to catch up, and we so appreciate them making the time to spend the day with us in the midst of their trip!!


And on a bittersweet note, we had to say goodbye to some really awesome young people we have grown to love since being down here. Isaiah and Amelia Baffi headed to the states for the summer and will be returning after we head back to the states. Their mother is a Ross University student and their father is an American Airlines pilot. We got to see lots of these two each Sunday after church as they came over to just hang out! We already miss seeing them each week and certainly look forward to seeing them grow into Godly men and women!

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(Lots of info here, please pray!!)

As we mentioned last month, we have made the decision to leave a little early so that the kids could attend school at Horizon, the school they previously attended. The Lord is so good to us in the way He leads… We found out while we were back in May at our 20 week ultrasound that we have a couple of kind of rare complications with this pregnancy– praise God, the baby looks perfect and is measuring as it should and all is well!- but there will be need for the baby’s growth to be closely monitored once third trimester hits. So, we are very very thankful that our plans had already included traveling back a little early.


With that said, we are only SIX WEEKS AWAY. Up until this week, we really had no idea what we were doing, what was going on with our house here, where we’d be living there. While we do not know everything yet, we DO know at last what’s going on with our house here, which is a huge huge huge relief. A long story short, we cannot justify paying full rent on this house for it to sit vacant for as long as we need to be gone. We approached our landlord about finding a sub-leaser, but ultimately it was decided that we would exit our lease when we leave in August. While we LOVE this house and have been so thankful for it, it’s nice to at least know what’s going on. (Not so) ironically, the morning before we found out that we would be moving out, we toured the local storage facility and gathered all the info needed there, so we will be moving forward with packing up and storing all of our things in a unit during our absence. I can’t say I’m overly excited about trying to pack a whole house while 8 months pregnant and with four kids underfoot and out of schedule because of summer break, but we’ll make it work! :)

That brings us up to arriving in Indianapolis on August 15th… Could you please be praying for us? We still don’t know where we will be living once we are there. As mentioned before, the church has a mission house with two bedrooms that will be available a few weeks after we arrive, but we just aren’t sure how well that will work with five kids and the two of us! Asher is just one and a half and a light sleeper, and having him with all three big kids or together with a newborn sounds so miserable. But- we aren’t sure what other options we will have. Because we are not going to be paying rent here, that frees us up to potentially rent in Indy.. but finding a property that will rent to us short term isn’t all that easy, either. SO- if you know of anything available in the Lawrence/McCordsville/Fishers area, please let us know!! We are coming down to (what feels like) crunch time, and I’m a week away from third trimester and feeling that crazy-pregnant-lady-who-needs-to-nest-and-plan take over. :) This isn’t the first ‘down to the wire’ situation we have been in, and the Lord has always been faithful, always provided, never left us homeless, so we know and trust that He has a plan and it’s good. Waiting on His timing can be the tricky part for me, ha. But anyway, we very much appreciate prayers as we walk in trying to figure out the right thing to do as far as our living situation is concerned, and also for our family as a whole, as we are entering a season of lots of chaos and change and transition.

We say it every time, but we so sincerely mean it— Thank you for following along with our family, for praying for us, for supporting us. We are so so grateful.

All the best,

The McGaughey family





  1. Praying mightily for you and everything on your plate right now. Praying you’ll feel God’s peace and security invade your hearts and minds. Also praying for you and the baby!

  2. Hoff Wendy says:

    Love you guys, praying for you, looking forward to having you around for the rest of the year!