Frequently Asked Questions- part 1

Since beginning to walk in this move to St. Kitts, we have noticed the same questions being asked, and thought it would be good to address some of the more common ones here in a blog post! So here we go… :)

Q. Some of the most commonly asked questions are regarding what our living conditions will be like. Where will we live? What are houses like? How does the cost of living in St. Kitts compare to the US?

A. About 1/3 of the small island’s population lives very close to or in the capital city, Basseterre. It is for this reason that we want to be close to the capital as well. Houses on the island range from multi-million dollar mansions to 8×8 tin shacks… Our hope is to find something in the middle. :) We would love to have a house that will allow us to host Bible studies, house missions groups and give opportunity for friends and family to stay. Practically speaking- we are hoping for a minimum of three bedrooms with a large living space where lots of people can congregate.

Finding a home that fits that and is affordable… that’s the tricky part! Cost of living in St. Kitts is much higher than that of America. Electricity, groceries, gas, and anything imported usually runs around 2-3 times what it costs in the States. Which leads to the next question…

Q. How, then, will you live? Will you get a job in St. Kitts? Are you raising support? Still employed by the church? Sent out from an organization? etc. etc.?

A. We will be living nearly entirely from the donations and monthly support from friends, family, and churches. (We hope that Kristen will still be able to use her gifts as a photographer, as well.)  Here is how we are being led to work through all this: We must trust God.  Trust HIM to prompt hearts to cheerfully give to a missions team whose vision they have caught!  We simply share what God is doing, share certain needs, and allow God to move.  Does that mean that we will never pick up the phones, write the emails, and sit down to coffee to personally ask??   I don’t know.  We are growing in our understanding of how this works and the balance of trusting God and encouraging God’s people to worship through giving.  We have found it to be abundantly awkward but also really sweet, so we ask for your grace as we grow! :)

And because it has been so frequently asked- yes, you can give online! We have a tab on this blog labeled ‘support’– You can see our budget and the details of how to give financially here.  Having people support us means an added responsibility to be a bit more transparent, so please contact us with questions or concerns should they arise.

Lastly, its humbling to have people give to you.  We have been blown-away by the generousity and sacrifice of people and offer genuine thanks and praise to God for it!

Q. What will you do for your children’s education?

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A.  We have always said that we would take our kiddos’ education child by child, year by year. This will be no different when in St. Kitts. They currently attend a private Christian school, but when we make the move in January, we will begin homeschooling to finish out Corban’s kindergarten and Cate’s second year of Pre-K. We are open to and praying through the other schooling options on the island for the next school year (and beyond), as an education outside of the home allows them both the opportunity for friendships and outreach and also allows us the chance to plug into the community and with families in ways we may not otherwise. Please pray for wisdom for us in this area!! (ALSO- if you have any amazing homeschool resources/tips and tricks/curriculums you’ve loved, please send the info my way! This is a whole new slightly overwhelming department for me!)

Q. What’s the medical care like?

A. First of all, we are, at this point in time, very blessed in America. With that said, we will continue to be well taken care of in St. Kitts. We feel comfortable with and have access to similar primary care as to what we have now. Our kids will see a pediatrician and follow the same vaccination schedule, etc. and we have the same prescription medicines available to us as well. We will, however, be traveling back to the US once a year and will take care of my (Kristen) and Cate’s heart appointments/procedures during that time– which is another big prayer request. We are in the midst of trying to figure out the logistics of getting/keeping stateside medical coverage for me, as my defibrillator requires being replaced every 5-7 years. Please pray for that!!

We have a few other questions lined up for a ‘part 2’ but would also love to answer anything you’re wondering about! Please feel free to leave a comment or email with anything you may want to know about where we’re going, what we’re doing, what life will be like, etc. Thank you!!