Hello! We are in the midst of the CRAZIEST two weeks, but it has been so so so sweet. Our crate arrived last week, and we had a handful of CCF (the church) here helping us unpack and build beds and shelves and unpack our kitchen and rummage through boxes for the customs officer to check. Lots I could say about how wonderful it is to make house home and for my kiddos to have beds and toys, but I’ll save that for another day. It’s been wonderful. Emily and I worked tirelessly for a few days trying to get the house ready before our first guests arrived! Jordan and Brandon spent most of last week tying up loose ends for the festival, and then all of a sudden, the teams started rolling in from the States. There are a total of 82 people here from various churches throughout Indiana and elsewhere in the US to help complete work projects, do assemblies at the schools, paint, build swingsets, play with kiddos, walk the streets and pray and talk and invite people to the big event on Saturday. With the number of people here with the groups and the number of people on the island, it is entirely possible for this week to be one in which the entire nation is reached with the good news of Jesus and the life and redemption and freedom He offers us. How incredible is that!?

I’m spending my days alternating between worksites and getting the different groups in action. SO- for today, the rest of this post will be just pictures. :) Please be praying for the remainder of the week: there are still many swings to put up, houses to paint, school assemblies to take place. Pray that as we are out in the community, there will be opportunities to begin developing relationships and sharing with the people, and please please please pray for the big event on Saturday. We are passing out fliers everywhere we go and are preparing food for 3000 people. There will be bounce houses and cotton candy and face painting, with the evening rounding out with concerts and then a gospel presentation by Mike Macintosh. Pray for hearts to be prepared to hear, and that lives would become committed to Jesus as a result of our time this week. We are SO EXCITED to see what the Lord has planned for the rest of this week. Thank you for your prayers, and please pass the word along!2014-02-25_0001 2014-02-25_0005 2014-02-25_0003 2014-02-25_0002 2014-02-25_0012

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