a story and prayer request

I'll start this by saying that I tried to make a pot of coffee this morning and forgot to put the … [Read more...]

Update pt. 1!

It's been a pretty crazy month over this way! First, two things-- we are doing this update in two … [Read more...]

April update

Hello from St. Kitts! :) We last posted right before Jordan's parents arrived. We had the most … [Read more...]

March update!

I cannot believe it's been a month since our last post! Please forgive us! We'll get the hang of … [Read more...]


 Hello! We are in the midst of the CRAZIEST two weeks, but it has been so so so sweet. Our crate … [Read more...]

We made it!!

We mentioned this moment before. After months of hard and impossible, we knew there would be a day … [Read more...]

19 days!

Well, here we are... less than three weeks away from getting on an airplane. It's been an exciting … [Read more...]

Two Months Out!

Why have we not written a blog in a long time?, you ask!  I have no idea!  We fail perhaps?  Or … [Read more...]

Frequently Asked Questions- part 1

Since beginning to walk in this move to St. Kitts, we have noticed the same questions being asked, … [Read more...]

Milk and Emails!

So some fun updates!  St. Kitts Mission Trip! Hey if you didn't know, my lovely wife posted a … [Read more...]