Our Family

We are the McGaughey family.  My wife and I are middle school sweethearts and have been married for 9 years!   We have lived and served in Indianapolis, IN for the entirety of our marriage.  We are currently serving the beautiful people of St. Kitts. Making disciples who make disciples.


usMore about Jordan:

I am from Crawfordsville, IN, graduate of North Montgomery high school in 2004, and Calvary Chapel Bible College in 2006.  After graduating, I interned for a year at Horizon Christian Fellowship and then came on staff full-time to serve the youth.  It was an amazing seven years where I have had the privilege of watching exceptional youth follow Jesus.  This time at Horizon has been where God has grown me and shaped me for this next season of my life.  I praise God for it.

I LOVE crazy backpacking trips, mountain biking, reading, building stuff, and I especially LOVE being with my amazing family!

More about Kristen:

I am a stay-at-home mom to our sweet kiddos, and have also worked part time running a photography business since 2010. I have served alongside Jordan with Horizon youth, and have loved the role of youth pastors wife. I am convinced that we worked with the greatest young adults in the world!

I love reading, anything photography related, writing, cooking, and having a house full of people.


More about Corban:

This boy is a boy.  The kind that loves getting dirty, swinging from ropes, digging up worms, riding bikes, playing guns, wrestling always, and anything else that is crazy.  He is quite smart, loves to read, and is intuitive.  He is gifted with words and knows how to encourage people.  We are stoked to see what kind of a man he becomes! God has great things in store for this little guy.

More about Cate:

This girl is a girl.  The kind that is a princess every moment of every day, creates families out of rice sacks, picks flowers, twirls and dances while walking, twirls and dances while talking, and eating, and everything else she does. She is a wonderful artist and does most things out of the box.  She is a ball of joy!  We always say that when Caters is gone things are twice as easy but half the fun.  She is a beautiful young lady.

More about Nora:

This girl is…a girl as well.  She is our mimicker.  So observant and quick to learn.  She takes such joy in just being with people and laughing and playing right along with everyone else.  She loves being snuggled (which the other two couldn’t do because they were never still!).  Nora is always singing a song.  She is a very delightful little girl, the type that you simply cannot help but love and want to take home with you!  But she is ours!!!  Praise God!

More about Asher:

This baby boy is a source of tremendous joy!  Asher means happy or blessed and Solomon means peace.  And that is a great description of who this kid is!  So laid back and easy going.  He loves him mama so much and definitely gives her the best smiles and giggles!  He is the perfect addition to our family and the kids are adoring him!