a story and prayer request

I’ll start this by saying that I tried to make a pot of coffee this morning and forgot to put the pot on the maker, resulting in a puddle of that precious, beloved (and oh-so-costly here on this little island) drink covering my kitchen floor. Insert sad face emoji right here. Next, I attempted to make a batch of french press coffee to compensate (my coffee maker is covered in grounds now and needs a thorough cleaning), and made coffee that more resembles tar. I’m drinking it anyway, out of desperation, but I’m very very VERY sleep deprived. So if none of this makes sense, you get why. :)

I know we just blogged a couple of days ago, but there’ve been some events transpire that are noteworthy and evoking of prayer. Most who know me know that I’m about the worlds biggest chicken when it involves being home alone, nighttime, keeping everything locked, etc. Nearly compulsive at times (ask any of the youth girls. They’ve spent many a night over when Jordan’s gone because I don’t like to stay alone. They’ve watched me lock and re-lock and re-check windows and doors. Or ask Jordan, who has checked the hall, turned on lights, taken ‘just one more look’ outside because I’m sure I heard something outside…). That was a great concern and prayer request in us moving here: That I, the very fearful one, would feel safe so that I could sleep at night. And I have, for the most part. The first few weeks were shaky, but once I was familiar, I felt very at ease and safe here. We have burglar bars on literally every window, locks on all the doors, etc. We are in a wonderful neighbor and the Ross Security department patrols and parks nightly in our yard. “They say” that most crimes that happen are crimes of opportunity— you leave something out, it’s likely to get jacked. We live on a dead end street on the top of a hill with virtually no foot traffic. I had convinced myself that there was nothing to worry about.

Rewind to Easter Sunday. A long story made short, we had absentmindedly left Corban’s bike outside (which we never do), and had also forgotten to turn on the security light (also something we never do). We woke up in the morning minus a bike, a bike pump, and Corban’s bat bag, full of all his baseball gear. Maddening and frustrating, I felt so bad for my son. Those were his things that he loved! BUT, they were just things. There was no foul play involved, no apparent attempt to enter the house. Just things left out that got taken. (Side note– very unfortunate, though, as bikes are ASTRONOMICALLY expensive here. Holla for state side garage sales and grandparents and mission teams bringing down new bikes for my kids!!) Anyway, I was a little more nervous for a few weeks but quickly got over and resumed my normal comfort and ease in this sweet mountaintop house we live in.

WELL. Things have once again been a little shaken up over here. I’ll preface this next section with saying THANK YOU LORD that all is fine. WE all are fine. No one was hurt. No confrontation was had. But I’m unsettled, and writing and informing simply to ask for prayer— for continued protection for our family and for a peace that isn’t dependent on circumstances, but rests in Jesus, who sits on the throne and remains in control.

Yesterday afternoon, Jordan was outside cleaning and noticed our large extension ladder in the side yard. After questioning the kids, we knew that it had been put there by someone else. It normally is tucked away, not easily retrieved, on our front porch. After investigating a little further, Jordan lifted the ladder and realized that it was extended to the perfect height to reach our balcony to the master bedroom, just a few feet from where the ladder lay. (There’s no stairs or anything to this balcony, it’s only access is from our bedroom). I had been chatting with our neighbor earlier in the morning, and she had mentioned they heard men’s voices on Monday night, but dismissed it as Jordan and Phil chatting. She told me this before we suspected anything! Also backtracking, Monday night I had put Asher to bed (which is in the master bedroom), and shut the door to the balcony. I struggled with the lock, but after re-doing it several times, it finally locked properly. I KNOW that I know that I know that I locked it. Jordan and I headed down the hallway a couple of hours later, and when we opened the door to our room, the balcony door was opened. Jordan suspected that the strong wind vacuumed it open, but I insisted that that was impossible, as I was positive that I had locked the lock. He quickly looked outside but didn’t see anything, so we dismissed it for the moment. (Let it be known that me, being the big chicken that I am, couldn’t quite shake it, so I loaded the front of the door up with a tote and a cinder block blocking it!!). Anyway, fastforward back to yesterday and it’s all starting to make sense.

We go up to the balcony to discover that the screen had been cut perfectly, so that a hand could easily reach in and unlock the door.

I’ve replayed this image in my mind a gajillion times too many… someone reaching their hand OVER MY BABY (the window is directly above the crib) to unlock the door and destroy my sense of security. We were home. Our front door open, only the screen door closed. We were sitting in the living room, passing in and out and near the front porch. The nerve, to take the ladder— which could not be done without noise!– and enter our house, when we were obviously there, obviously awake. I will be honest and admit that it terrifies me. TERRIFIES me.

The good news: We called the police immediately after piecing all of this together, and they came right away. They took fingerprints on everything, and were very thorough. Jordan mentioned in passing that he wondered if Corban’s DS was stolen, as we haven’t been able to find it. The officer perked up and asked what color it was, and when we told him, he said that they had apprehended a suspicious man who happen to have a DS matching our description in his possession. They left, and minutes later called us to come down to the station to identify our stuff. The DS, it’s charger, a game, and a pair of Nike football gloves of Jordan’s were all laid out on the table. Quite honestly, the stuff means nada, but I was thankful for Corban’s sake that his DS was found. The best news was that the man was picked up and locked up– before we even realized a crime had been committed! Kudos to the Frigate Bay Police Department for a job well done!!!

I’m thankful on many accounts: No actual harm was done. The perpetrator clearly was NOT looking for confrontation, or they would have walked through the front door. My baby was not touched, despite being right there in the room. We had wonderful dealings with the St. Kitts police department. Our house is now more secure than ever before, as we have bulked up security measures on every entrance to the home. There’s virtually no way anyone could sneak in now. We are fine. We are safe. We even recovered what was taken! Had we not seen the ladder, it might have taken us even longer to realize anything had happened.

All of that to say, the Lord IS faithful. Our protector and defense. Our hope and trust. Not things. Not burglar bars. Not police departments. Those things fail, but God does not. Even had it played out differently, HE remains unchanged. I’m trying to repeat these truths to myself… I barely slept a wink last night, and I feel so on-edge today. I don’t want to be paralyzed by fear! I don’t want to pass that on to the kiddos, either. They handled it amazingly, thankfully, but I’m afraid they’ll pick up on my anxiousness. So… would you please pray? For continued protection for our family? For no more crimes and things stolen from us? For peace for my anxious heart? For sleep (which hasn’t been happening with that precious baby of ours anyway… I am soooooooo sleep deprived, I’m not sure how I’m functioning)? For a tenderness of heart and against bitterness? For a continued growth of a love and a burden for the people of this island?

We find it no coincidence that this comes immediately on the tail of us writing how we are feeling settled, me wanting to put down roots, you know? I’ll admit that I was very quick to say, “I wanna go home!” at the current feeling of violation. It seems to be an obvious ploy of the enemy… back to square one. Please, join us in praying against this. We see God working. We know we are supposed to be here right now. We know that the Lord has a plan for this little island, and we get to be a part of that story. I don’t want to miss it by locking myself in my bedroom to feel safe. And also, I recognize that big picture… this is really small. I consider our beloved Aunt Nancy who lives amongst the war-torn and extremely famined South Sudan, serving the people with medical care and the love of Jesus. (So pray for her, too!!) This. is. small. I want to keep a right perspective and a right heart.

We so appreciate you praying for us! Be on watch for our next update which will be a six month wrap up and vision post. Thank you again!


  1. Lisa Long says:


  2. Just read your two last posts. So thankful to hear about Corban’s new friends and activities. And will definitely be praying for your safety.

  3. Jacqueline utterback says:

    Ntinued prayers always!

  4. Jennifer Roberts says:

    Hey sister:) Thank you posting and letting us know how we can pray! I pray the Lord guard your hearts and minds with His peace beyond understanding as you come to Him with your cares with thanksgiving:)
    Psalm 4:8 I will both lie down and sleep in peace for You alone, Oh Lord, make me dwell in safety!
    I totally appreciate how the Lord gave you wisdom to figure it all out and a thankful heart willing to see His hand in the midst of it!
    We love you guys and pray for you often!

  5. Aunt Rita says:

    Praying constantly for your safety and impact. Love you all so much. Yay for Corban’s ds and other things!

  6. I read your post. You may not remember me but you took caeli’s senior pics. I too have suffered from fear. It is yours to give up. Give is the important word here. It is a conscious decision. God is the only one that can protect your children. We all want to do this but it’s not really possible. I hope you don’t mind but I offer you the following. This has helped me. First step, acknowledge you are powerless. Like really hand it over. It’s hard but true. Second step, know that God has all power (easy one). Third step, give everything up to God -including the safety of your children. That’s the very hard one. When fear creeps in, repeat. Eventually things got better for me. I have spent many hours crying as I gave the protection of my loved ones over to God. It’s so hard. But, ultimately it brings a peace to your soul and a trust you will learn to treasure. My prayers are with you and your wonderful family!

    Prayers for peace! Sharon