A New Season

Well- a lot has transpired since our last post!
First, thank you all for your prayers for our family as we made decisions regarding closing one season and beginning  another. We wanted to post a quick update and let you know what will be happening next for our family!

Coming up very quickly in just six rapidly approaching days, Jordan and I (and baby Theo) will be heading down to St. Kitts to spend the next two weeks trying to sell all of our belongings (like, ALL. a houseful of furnishings. clothes. kitchen goods. books. every. last. item.). A long story made short, the island shuts down for their annual Carnival and with our initial travel plans, it would’ve only given me two days to get into the storage unit and figure out which few things we will keep and what to sell, etc. That was not going to work! We realized that I’d have to stay longer into the next week, but then with looking at ticket prices, if I stayed through the weekend, ticket prices were cut in half. SO, we decided that the thing that made the most sense was for both of us to go and stay for two weeks, instead of one week for me and three for Jordan.

We would SO appreciate prayer for these two weeks on island. We really need our stuff to sell. And quickly. We also need to find a buyer for our van that we own on the island, but need it be to working properly first in order for that to happen. Please pray for that! We very much desire to spend quality time with so many people that we’ve grown to love over the past two years. Please pray that there would be time for that, amidst of all of the unpacking and selling that’ll be involved. Please also pray for our kiddos back here. Our parents are so graciously helping with them the first week and on weekends, and then some very dear (and maybe brave?) friends of ours will be staying in the house and taking care them all the second week. We are so thankful to not only have family nearby to help, but also to have such wonderful friends who are willing to serve our family in this way. It is no small task, and I am so thankful to know they’ll be well cared for and loved on while we are gone!!


And now secondly– what’s next!!

When we get back, Jordan will officially begin employment back on staff at Horizon Christian Fellowship, beginning January 16th! We are really excited and really grateful to be back at our ‘home’ church. We got married in 2005 and three days later moved into Bible college on campus at Horizon. Jordan finished bible college, interned, and then eventually came on staff as the Jr. High youth pastor, and then was high school youth pastor. They were so good to us while we were in St. Kitts, and have loved and ministered to our family as a whole so well since our return in August. We are thrilled to be landing back here and so excited for the ministries we will be involved with here now.

Jordan will be an associate pastor, and we will be working with the College/Career ministry, as well as family/marriage/outreach/discipleship. :) He will also continue teaching at the Bible college and at Horizon Christian School. We are so excited to be able to serve such an awesome body of Jesus as we continue to know Jesus and make Him known in our surrounding communities! When you think of all the dear people who attend Horizon- how many neighborhoods are represented on a Sunday morning, how many homes, and families and people that we as a church have a chance to reach…its awesome! Do pray as we come alongside the work going on ta Horizon to lift high the name of Jesus that more and more laborers would be equipped and sent out into the harvest!

With all of that said, we just want to say thank you once again for following along with our family and praying for us and supporting us financially. We’ve said it a hundred times, but we have been blown away and humbled and forever changed by the way the Lord has provided for us through YOU, the body of Christ. January will be our last month receiving support, as Jordan’s income will begin in February, but we want to encourage you to prayerfully consider reaching out and serving other missionaries in this way as you have so faithfully done for us! If you are interested in continuing to support missionaries but are unsure of who, we’ve compiled a list of some friends who are out on the mission field (or preparing to go), along with their websites with information about their ministries!

Brandon and Wendi Grayson – St. Kitts

Troy and Rachel Cooper – South Florida

Jake and Taneille Lowe – Ethiopia

Aaron and Katelyn Comer – St. Kitts

Josh and Nicole Baldonado – Ukraine

Jake Medlong (Kids Inc.) – Indianapolis

Thank you again, and have a very Merry Christmas!!

Much love,

the McGaughey family


  1. Thanks for the update! It was so good to catch up on your life! I will certainly be praying for you and your family during this transition time. I’ll pray that all of your things may sell and sell quickly. <3