19 days!

Well, here we are… less than three weeks away from getting on an airplane. It’s been an exciting and crazy time over this way.  First of all:

Our baby boy, Asher Solomon arrived quickly (although a few days later than anticipated) on November 22nd, weighing 8 lb 15 oz! We are all head over heels for this sweet baby, and just praising God for our little boy!blogpost2 blogpost5blogpost1(five weeks old in this picture)

Just shortly after his arrival, we had another HUGE answer to prayer. After over 40 showings, many tears, and countless prayers said on our behalf, WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!!! We had short notice for a Sunday afternoon showing, and just hours after they looked at our home, we had an offer. The inspection was a little rough and we are still smoothing out those details, but we are set to close on January 15th… just three days before our departure. Undoubtedly, the Lord’s hand is all over this. As hard and as trying as this season has been, we are learning much about what it means to really TRUST the Lord, for Him to be enough, for Him to be our Sustainer and our Provider. We have said it a million times over, but there is nothing sweeter than to walk with Jesus!

So– where are we now?!


Oh, yes. Surrounded by boxes and disheveled rooms. Seventeen days seems far too few pack up our house, determine what makes the trip to the island, what gets pitched, etc. but we are working on it. :) We are in the process of weighing our options and seeing financially what is the best route to (literally) ship our belongings down (along with determining how much goes!). Please pray for wisdom as we walk through this process; we want to steward our money well!

We are soaking in time with our families and the kiddos are loving all the grandparent time they’re getting! I am so thankful that our parents had so much time off of work for the holidays and our siblings as well. It really has been the sweetest few days. Along those same lines, Jordan had his last official day as a pastor on staff at Horizon Christian Fellowship. We got a chance to share a little bit of the vision for St. Kitts with our church family and then were prayed over by the body. Such a sweet time, and there are not enough words to express all that Horizon has been for us. Truly- our home, and the sweetest place to have been trained and to sit under leadership and learn. We are so thankful for these last 8 years and leaving is so so bittersweet.


We also got to invite the church (and would like to extend the invitation to you as well!) to our St. Kitts Vision/Send-off potluck! It’ll be our last Sunday in the States, January 12th, at 5 p.m. at Horizon Christian Fellowship. It’ll be an evening of sharing where we are going and what we will be doing, worship, prayer, fellowship, food. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone and getting a chance to share what God is doing, and would love to have you join us.

In addition –

We are still gathering groups for once a month prayer!  If your church/home fellowship/group would like to adopt us and pray once a month LET US KNOW!  We need prayer!

We are also still raising one-time and monthly support for our time in St.Kitts.  If you are interested in supporting us financially you can check this page out for info on our needs and how to give.

Also, PLEASE CONNECT.  Please like us on Facebook, email us, call us, whatever it takes to stay connected with you.  We really want to maintain our relationships as best we can even though we will be thousands of miles away.  We want you to be a part of what God is doing in St. Kitts and the West Indies!  Come down for a family mission trip, internship, or just a week of a mission vacation.

Thank you so much for your prayers and taking the time to keep up with our family! We are so thankful! :)


  1. Eleanor McGaughey (Grandma Mac) says:

    Jordan and Kristen, and kiddies—I am so thankful for you, to say you are part of my family is such a blessing! I give thanks to God for your dedication, faith, –actually the list could go on and on! Just know how much I truly love you and what you are doing to spread God’s word. Prayers always.