A New Season


Well- a lot has transpired since our last post! First, thank you all for your prayers for our family as we made decisions regarding closing one season and beginning  another. We wanted to post a quick update and let you know what will be happening next for our family! Coming up very quickly in just six rapidly approaching days, Jordan and I (and baby Theo) will be heading down to St. Kitts to spend the next two weeks trying to sell all of our belongings (like, ALL. a houseful of furnishings. … [Read more]

A Big Blog Update

We'll have to start by apologizing for having such time between posts! Life has been quite quick since arriving here in the States and time has simply escaped. We have lots to update you on, so bare with us, as this post may be lengthy. :) Theo Declan McGaughey As most of you probably know, we had our fifth baby!! Theo Declan McGaughey arrived a couple of weeks early and rather quickly on September 29th. Man oh man, is he a sweet baby boy! We have a whole crew of kiddos totally smitten with … [Read more]

June update


I think I say it every month... but I absolutely cannot believe that we are at the beginning of July! Already! Time is absolutely flying over this way! Lots to update you on, so here we go! First, after our last update, we left the following week for a very quick trip to Indiana. While a total whirlwind, we had a really incredible time -- so much good quality time with our families and some friends! My (Kristen) grandparents came up from Mississippi, so we were able to spend some good time … [Read more]

May Update

Hello! Is anyone else blown away that we're into the middle of May?! This year is absolutely flying by!! It's been a really busy month for us here on island! We just wrapped up helping host the first mission team of the year- the Bible College … [Read more]

Spring 2015 update!

  Hello! We have a couple of months to cover and a lot that's gone on, so this will be a picture-heavy post!! :) First of all, we had an absolutely amazing, refreshing, encouraging, FULL time in the States. It was so sweet and so wonderful. … [Read more]

Back Home Again in Indiana

 Hello! I'm sitting here bundled up in a scarf and cardigan and looking at the grey slush covering the ground outside! :) We are a far cry from the Caribbean view we left almost four weeks ago, but man oh man has this time been sweet. So- here's a … [Read more]

October and November!

It's been a whirlwind of a two months! There have been some big changes and lots of busyness-- it's been a different sort of season over this way, with lots to update on. We're going to go through and list some highlights of what's been going on! (We … [Read more]

OISK (only in St. Kitts)

I was reading a fellow missionary's blog this morning, and she discussed numerous bits of life in Cambodia. It got me thinking about those little things about living here that make this experience so unique, so unlike America, so unlike anything … [Read more]

Seven Months of Island Life

This was supposed to be a 'half a year' update. We had worked on it, I had it mostly written in my brain, but it just never got completed and published. And you know what? I'm really glad. What I would have written a month ago in many ways would be … [Read more]

June, July and 6 Months of Island Life Pt. 1

Having a full house! Its hard to image that this summer came and went.  There was so much anticipation and so much excitement leading up to it!  Being able to see our friends and family here at our new home was a huge blessing and a tremendous … [Read more]